A Sermon I Actually Listened Too.

Let’s be honest, here, shall we?

After nearly 20 years of being in the church Sunday, Wednesday, and attending Bible school classes Monday through Friday, I’ve heard most of the sermons and I’ve know the Bible. Sounds cocky, but, eh. Eventually pastors all seem to repeat the same sermons anyways.

So when a sermon genuinely catches my attention, I like to share. And what Eric shared on Thursday, Valentine’s Day no less, was really excellent. He talked about relationships.


But not in the typical Christian fashion that seems to either play singleness up too much (Ahhhh! All for God with no evil woman distracting you from everything ever!) or, very pro-marriage (Find a godly man/woman and be Godly together and don’t do this, this, this, and this until you are married.)

He very simply stated that until we find our calling from God and begin to follow it, being in a relationship is useless. There is no one out there who can actually complete us, and adhere to that belief will leave you lost and lonely. He talked about how he and his wife both were working in campus ministries when they met, something that they had both felt called too… and after nearly 15 years of marriage, they still work with campus ministries, side by side.

He stressed that one does not simply pick up someone else’s ministry. You don’t date a missionary and then decided that you’ll become a missionary too because they are…. you do your ministry until you find someone, and then theirs and yours become ours. It was eloquently delivered, and gratefully received. And frankly, until I figure out where I my place is in the world, I have no business dragging someone else in the mix.

Be called first.


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