On being a superhero

“The room she sat in was quiet, the silence only interrupted by the occasion slurp-and-sigh combination that accompanies an exceptional cup of coffee and the tic-tic-tic of typing on outdated pc keyboard. The girl’s table was covered with all manner of research and papers, and she swung her legs back and forth to the song in her head that was monopolizing all her current brainpower. Abruptly, she sighed and pushed the computer away. In the way of overworked and uninspired college students she slumped her head against her hand until her gaze came to rest on the equally tired clock. Her time had come, and with renewed vigor, she leapt from her chair, grabbed her pack, and dashed to the changing rooms down the hallway.

To the unknowing eye, she was another college student, albeit one with a strange hipster-schoolteacher sense of fashion and dress. She tripped a little bit as she walked, but regathered herself with as much dignity as possible before slipping away. However, once in place, the transformation began. Her mild-mannered collegiate self was replaced by woman with the no-nonsense pony-tail, distinct pressed uniform, and the steely slate-colored eyes of a Great White Shark that her job required. With her alter ego firmly in place, the girl walked out among her peers and collected her effects. She knew the coming challenge would test her, and that every turn would be another reason to fail, but she refused to admit defeat. Accompanied by her faithful stethoscope, and proudly displaying the patch of her establishment on her shoulder, she forged onward, intent on showing the day who would truly become the victor.”


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