Dutch Oven Paesano Bread

Bread. BREAD! Bread. Ah, what a solid, matter-of-fact kind of word. I don’t love just bread, I love the process of bread. I love the smell of yeast blooming in water, and the pleasant thump it makes when turned out it be kneaded. A stand mixer would make this process easier and less likely to go array, but the actual kneading is so calming, and kind of mindless – which is excellent when you are forced to think as much as my major requires. My favorite part? Watching all the little yeasty beasties take a couple simple ingredients and transform them from a dense lump into a tall, proud, staff-of-life kind of loaf.

This dough, however, doesn’t require any kneading. It is a very moist dough that basically sits. And sits. And then you move to a place where it sits some more. Eventually you dump it into a dutch oven and bake it until it is crisp and chewy and all kinds of delicious. It made the entire dorm smell wonderful, even prompting one person to tell me how much they hate my cooking, “‘cuz I never get to eat, only smell.”The original owner of this recipe wrote it step by step and took pictures – who am I to try to rewrite perfection?

Recipe can be found here: http://biology.clc.uc.edu/fankhauser/Cheese/Pane_Rustica/Pane_Rustica.html




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