Cold Day Fare

It all started with a lack of garlic. Well, today’s adventure, that is. See, most of Laurie’s cookery involves a lot of garlic, and since we haven’t had any, or a way of retrieving any, we’ve been at a standstill, which is not delicious. Fortunately for us, there is a food co-op about a mile away from us, which is a really nice walk, especially now that the leaves are changing and the air is getting crisp and clear. My walk there was uneventful, until I happened to walk under a tree and got nailed on the head/shoulder by this ugly thing. Upon later investa-googling, it was found to be an osage orange. They scare away spiders and don’t taste good unless you happen to be a squirrel.

Anyways, I got the garlic and a lot of other things that I didn’t need, and managed to get everyone in the store on a discussion about the mysterious fruit. (I brought them with me!). I meant to go directly home, but there is a really neat coffeehouse, and I stopped there to get a drink and enjoy the feeling of being a college student. The barista poured the foam in the shape of a heart, something I’ve never experienced before. Maybe next time I’ll bring my camera to document this foodie art. (Which is really just me giving myself an excuse to go back there…)

But! This day provoked a memory from a long time ago, of my dad cooking something chocolatey smelling on the stove after we had spent a chilly fall day doing something involving lots and lots of leaves. I really wanted to make that, and although my attempt at REAL hot chocolate no where near matched the one hiding out in my subconscious, it was good enough.

Hot chocolate is really a simple concept. You melt chocolate and sugar, and then stir in milk. Heat the whole thing up, and enjoy. But, I’m me, so of course I blundered it up. I mixed everything together, expecting the chocolate to melt into the milk, and it didn’t.

Luckily, I had Laurie. One of these days, I’ll make something really good without her having to come to my rescue. That would be nice. She dumped everything into the blender, and blended it into chocolatey oblivion. Mmmm, I love the culinary compensations that naturally come with yucky weather. Laurie also made some soup that smelled so good, I’m surprised she didn’t have the entire dorm lined up at our door.

Sigh. Now it’s time to stop blogging, and start studying.


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  1. Posted by mom on October 22, 2011 at 8:47 am

    I recognize that cup . . .


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